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idea to pilot:

a 6-week limited enrollment online TV workshop 


This immersive, online 6-week course is geared to advanced writers looking to develop their television idea — from concept to pilot. The course will replicate the experience of a writers room. Enrollment is limited to 6 students. Class will be presented in three parts: PREPPING & PITCHING; REVISING & OUTLINING; and finally: WRITING. Class meets in 3-hour workshop sessions on Saturdays. Students will also have two, one-on-one sessions with Hal. Students must come to class with an idea (or a few) to develop. 

part 1: prepping/pitching 


• Writer Boot Camp: Pilots. Structure. 

Franchise. World. Tone. Arcs.
• Pitching workshop
• Student pitches / feedback 

   part 2: revising/outlining 


  • Character workshop

  • Break pilot story 

  • Develop character arcs 

  • Fleshed-out beat sheet/outline 

   part 3: writing


  • Scene Workshops

  • ACT readings/critiques

  • One-on-Ones

  • Mini Bible guidelines

  • First Draft completion



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