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"I know I said it in person already, but I wanted to say thanks again for the tv writing workshop this past weekend. I raved about it to my writing partner and my sister, particularly the fact that you are so authentic, supportive and kind in your approach. You're lively, funny and passionate with strong, well-formed opinions, but with zero pretension or arrogance. And that was so refreshing and uplifting to me. Plus, I got so much insight I haven't been able to find in all my research on the industry."

                 — Rochelle M. 

                 NW Film Centre

"You were always a breath of fresh air in our feedback sessions and I really appreciate the wit, wisdom, and straightforward approach you brought to each conversation."

—Will S., Mentee, London Film School

"Thank you for the wonderful job of tutoring and facilitating the masterclass. The feedback from the participants was all positive. They have gained new knowledge, with a focus on characters & story. The tutorials & guides were praised by students"

    Dato’ Mahyidin Mustakim 



"I highly recommend Hal Cantor’s TV Writing workshop. Not only did the participants learn the complexities of the ever-changing TV/streaming landscape, but Hal provided opportunities to craft compelling characters, as well as pitch projects to a room filled with newbies and veterans, alike. His feedback was constructive, thoughtful, and steeped in helpful strategies designed to elevate each person’s writing, regardless of skill level. Add in Hal’s trademark humor, and the result was a weekend filled with intensive learning, laughter, and fun. Thanks, Hal!"

                   —Mary A. 

                   ISA, PORTLAND 

                         Intern'l Screenwriters                                  Assoc (ISA)

"Hal Cantor wowed the audience at our ISA Third Thursdays event with his stories about Hollywood’s Wild, Wild West -- TV. Drawing from a decade of experience, Hal inspired us to turn these tumultuous times in television production into possibility. His motivation and inspiration kept a sold-out writing audience on the edge of their seats."   —David P., Intern'l Screenwriters Assoc (ISA), Third Thursdays Co-Host                                                   

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