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"There are lots of laughs in Hal Cantor’s, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ANXIOUS, a coming-of-middle-age comedy about finally exploring and facing one’s true sexuality late, and other things anxiety-producing...It’s genuinely down to earth.  And, a hell of a tell-all. Cantor practically inverts inside-to-out in a glorious, self-effacing expose of himself...The show is as complex as Cantor is as a person...And this is what makes this production singularly unique...Through the lens of his anxiety, he makes a lot of very conscious choices well into and throughout his later adulthood.  He takes a deliberate journey which on the surface seems comical, but in actuality is truly courageous."

                                               —TRACEY PALEO


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"What we have here is a one man show that is open and heartfelt, biographical and vulnerable. It touches on his anxiety, his sexuality and relatively tumultuous journey to come to terms with it...Cantor has clearly thought about his subject matter in a deep and perceptive way, and is a funny guy. There’s fascinating little barbs thrown in that catch the imagination perfectly." —KARL O'DOHERTY

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"The play is a trip through Hal’s fascinating life, accompanied by a finely delineated series of screenshot, videos, and sound effects.  He has a mellifluous way of walking into or melding with the set pieces... The audience, composed of a mix of demographics, from young to older, gushingly greets him at the end with a sense of appreciation and resonance for the journey that shaped his life...It reminds me how time is ever fleeting...Take the plunge and go deep with Hal Cantor when you get the chance. He tells the stories people need to be told. You will understand why everyday on earth is precious, indeed a miracle." —CHARLES PRIOR

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"Over a concise hour, Cantor takes the audience through the moments, feelings and thoughts that have introduced states of anxiety into his life...polished, technically seamless and upbeat in energy...Ralph Bogard’s direction keeps Cantor moving...Cantor’s candour and considered approach to the subject do make for an often entertaining and insightful hour."

                                          —JAMES HUMPHREY

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"This autobiographical telling from Cantor, tells his story as a Jewish man who came out later in life. The play takes us through a poignant journey of events that led him to discovering his current outlook on life...Cantor’s performance was raw and real. The relationship between audience and performer developed through vulnerability and openness."  

                                              —VICTORIA ROSE

"Hal's show is a beautifully crafted and lovingly told tribute to the truth that we're never really done growing up. His performance is honest and from the heart, his stories are hilarious and relatable, and the show is a smooth blend of warm melancholy and hope. Hal reminds me of storytellers like David Sedaris and Mike Birbiglia." —Dan P.

"A funny and unflinchingly honest account of navigating the waters of self-discovery and wrestling with lifelong anxiety. Blends anecdotes, humor, personal philosophy, and real-life drama. Atop it all, the show asks whether something positive can be spun out of the experience of anxiety."—Michael S. 

"I loved it! The Importance of Being Anxious was an incredibly honest, vulnerable, and often hilarious journey through Hal Cantor’s angst-ridden mind as he makes the transition from Bi to Happy. Or at least as happy as his white, Jewish, middle-aged, sexually fluid, 60-40 (90-10?), always racing, often paranoid, self-effacing brain will let him be."

                                                        —Martin D. 

"A great heartwarming show! Hal is exceedingly vulnerable and endearing on stage and makes you laugh in all the best ways. Loved the way he invites the audience in to be a part of his journey."

                                                  —Christina W. 

"This is a non-binary story in a world before anyone even thought of phrases like that. It makes the rainbow of life so fluid and glow so brightly, that even trying to bracket identity – be it sexual or emotional orientation – seem facile. Love is love. Sometimes, it comes in people we mightn’t expect it from. Sometimes, from places we last might think of. But love endures and this marvellous play shows the most important thing we can all do as people, is celebrate it, grasp it and cherish the memory of it." —Richard S.

"This play is anxiety wrapped around deep love stories- between a man and a woman, a man and a man and ultimately, a person loving themself. It is beautiful, funny, vulnerable, angst ridden story."                                                         —Julie W. 

"Not knowing anything about this show, I was very pleasantly surprised. Right off the bat we are taken aback by Hal’s honesty and vulnerability. He’s not only hilarious, but in your face, brutally honest. It’s a real fascinating story to watch and Hal, through the direction of Ralph, takes us on this very personal story as we watch him discover himself. There’s lovely moments of calm, mixed with over the top moments of anxiety." —Matthew M.

"A cool and innovative piece of storytelling that made me tear up. Hal’s love for the important people in his life shines through in this beautifully written story. He is such an engaging storyteller!"

                                                     —Chris C. 

"Hal’s story was truly gripping..He delivered straight from the heart in a very open and honest performance. He is not only a talented writer, actor and improviser, he is a brave soul."—Jill G.

"Hal Cantor put together a fantastic, endearing and very personal show with many themes that people can relate to! Especially the anxiety part! It’s quirky, funny, personal and above all super well-written..." —Mathieu K. 

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