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"Over a concise hour, Cantor takes the audience through the moments, feelings and thoughts that have introduced states of anxiety into his life...polished, technically seamless and upbeat in energy...Ralph Bogard’s direction keeps Cantor moving...Cantor’s candour and considered approach to the subject do make for an often entertaining and insightful hour."

                                          —JAMES HUMPHREY

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"This autobiographical telling from Cantor, tells his story as a Jewish man who came out later in life. The play takes us through a poignant journey of events that led him to discovering his current outlook on life...

Cantor’s performance was raw and real. The relationship between audience and performer developed through vulnerability and openness."  —VICTORIA ROSE

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"What we have here is a one man show that is open and heartfelt, biographical and vulnerable. It touches on his anxiety, his sexuality and relatively tumultuous journey to come to terms with it...Cantor has clearly thought about his subject matter in a deep and perceptive way, and is a funny guy. There’s fascinating little barbs thrown in that catch the imagination perfectly." —KARL O'DOHERTY

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